Find printable postcards, posters, BPD practice guidelines and more.

2021 Resources

BPD 2021 awareness week – Info Flyer

Print out to help promote this year's awareness week.

2020 Resources

Flip the script - BPD poster pack

BPD 2020 awareness week – Service support poster pack

Flip the script on BPD with this year's poster pack
BPD Reframe Poster pack

BPD 2020 awareness week – Reframing poster pack

Helping reframe the conversations surrounding BPD
Hey you, you are awesome

BPD 2020 awareness week – social media pack

Share something during BPD awareness week and help spread the word.
See social media pack

2019 Resources

BPD awareness week info Poster

Learn about BPD and what the awareness week aims to achieve.

BPD awareness week 2019 postcards

Print-out of our awareness week postcards pack.

Our services support poster

Perfect to go up around the office or client to show support.

BPD awareness week poster pack

Spread awareness of BPD with a stack of beautiful posters.

For more information on BPD

Spectrum Personality Disorder Service Logo BPD Co Shell like logo with a rainbow of colour

Spectrum Resources

Whether you are seeking help or information on mental health services.
Find resources

Project Air Factsheets

Information and tools for families, carers and people living with BPD. 
Find factsheets

Australian BPD Foundation resources

Support for those experiencing BPD and family members.
Search resources

Mental Health Carers NSW

Resources for carers and family.
See resources

BPD clinical practice guidelines

Guidelines for the management of BPD.
See guidelines

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