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Communication strategies for carers

You are invited to join the session to explore communication styles and strategies for carers.

Relationships are at the core of our mental health, and our focus is to find out more about relating with each other when mental distress is present. We will discuss 5 key relationship strategies, and a video regarding the “relationship dances” developed by Project Air Strategy.

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October 3
Canberra BPD Community BPD: Be the Difference Art Exhibition (3 Oct - 13th Oct 2023). Open 9am-5pm weekdays.
Where: Belconnen Community Art Gallery, Belconnen Community Centre, 26 Chandler St, Belconnen
Price: Free
October 3
BPD Awareness Week Celebration
Where: Tandem Carers, 70 Trenerry Cres, Abbotsford 3067
Price: Free
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