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A Schema Therapy Understanding of BPD

A Schema Therapy Understanding of BPD

Schemas are ridged core beliefs about oneself. The basis of BPD maybe seen as a pattern of maladaptive schemas that develop in early life. Schema Therapy addresses these maladaptive schemas and the associated emotional, cognitive and behavioural difficulties.

Schema Therapy is an evidenced-based treatment for Personality Disorders, in addition to other diagnoses and problems. Derived from cognitive behavioural-therapy, schema therapy incorporates and emphasises a number of affect change technique, such as imagery rescripting and chairwork, and the concept of Limited Reparenting in addition to cognitive and behavioural techniques in order to create change. The concept of early maladaptive schemas (or traits) and modes (or states) and how these derive from early experiences and the frustration of core emotional needs are central to schema therapy. In this presentation Chris will discuss the Schema Therapy model of Borderline Personality Disorder and the main treatment techniques.
There will be a brief time at the end for questions.


Chris Hepworth
Chris is a Clinical Psychologist and accredited advanced schema therapist, trainer and supervisor who lives in Perth, Western Australia. He has a small private practice and is also the Clinical Lead on the DBTeen Program in WA, within which he provides clinical consultation and guidance to DBTeen group clinicians and to Lifeline about clinical aspects of the program. In addition to being trained in Schema Therapy, Chris has been coordinating and delivering Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) programs for a number of years, and his practice is also informed by EMDR and other cognitive-behavioural therapies.
Chris provides formal training in Schema Therapy, and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, in addition to providing Supervisor training for the Australian Psychology Society. From his private practice he also provides individual supervision.

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