We need your voice!


BPD Awareness Week running an anti-stigma campaign to help decrease the stigma and discrimination people living with BPD often face. The campaign is called KNOW BPD, NO STIGMA and aims to educate and inform people about what BPD truly is and hopefully encourage compassion, empathy and increase the quality of treatment and understanding for people living with this disorder.

Our campaign has already begun, with infographics, quotes from consumers, carers and clinicians already featured via our social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. We have created these with the guidance of people within the BPD community and we want to continue to do this.

We want to make this campaign as engaging as possible, and that means we want to hear YOUR VOICE!

We have four key surveys: lived experience, carers, clinicians and general public. People can complete them as they identify, so for instance if you are a consumer AND a clinician, you can answer both surveys.

The surveys will be open for 1 week or until each reaches 100 entries, which ever is first.

Please feel free to share!

Links below:

Lived Experience