Ann Brita Nilsson is a singer-songwriter.  She also has a special interest & personal carer experience with BPD/NPD and its effects on the wider community through her work as a kinesiologist, NLP practitioner and as a support group facilitator of Sanctuary – a support group for adult children who have a parent or for people who are in a relationship with a person with a personality disorder.

She writes “As a human being, there are times where you’re on the spectrum of mental vulnerability for sure. The stuff I write about is the struggle for wholeness within when at times, the self seems to fragmented and pulled in so many directions. A great place for it to hang and process is songwriting. It is my rock, my passion and a way of communicating those feelings or things that you can’t always put a name to. Life isn’t about labels and putting things in neat little boxes, especially with mental health and emotional issues. It’s about getting in touch with the thing that disturbs you, stirs you, transforms and ultimately inspires you towards choosing  to fight for your self.  My wish is that you take that spirit from these songs.”

  1. Trees are bare
  2. Restlessness
  3. The Wanting Zone

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