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An overview of using Sensory Modulation for people with BPD

Building skills in emotion regulation and navigating times of emotional crises are essential therapeutic elements when working with individuals with borderline personality disorder (BPD). Sensory modulation* is being recognised as an evidence based, recovery and trauma informed and effective intervention in this space, helping people to improve self management skills and enhance wellbeing and quality of life.

*Sensory Modulation can be defined as “changing how you feel through using your senses’’

This webinar will provide an overview of using sensory modulation with people with Borderline Personality Disorder and tailoring it to the person  to ensure the strategies are safe, appropriate, individualised and meaningful.

The presenters will highlight a number of key sensory modulation strategies they have found most useful and suggest additional resources and tools to assist with future implementation of sensory modulation into clinical practice.

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Carolyn Fitzgibbon and Julie O’Sullivan are Mental Health Occupational Therapists and Directors of Sensory Modulation Brisbane.

Carolyn and Julie have published books and online training on Sensory Modulation to assist mental health clinicians in getting started in using sensory modulation. Julie and Carolyn have over 20 years’ experience in public, private and non-government organisations in inpatient and community Mental Health settings. Further information:



N.B: this session is designed for mental health professionals and we encourage people with BPD and family/carers to utilise their own coping strategies if they become distressed during the session.



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