MIND BPD Families and Carers Support Group

The BPD support group is for families and carers of people diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) or traits of BPD. These groups provide an opportunity for family members and carers to connect with those with similar experiences, gain strength, build resilience and hope, and receive support from each other and learn new ways of coping through each other’s experience. You can expect to be treated with care, consideration and dignity in an environment which is safe, private and comfortable.

For more information contact the Mind Carer Helpline  1300 550 265

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Mind Carer Helpline 1300 550 265
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September 23
My Voice Matters – Creative arts workshop
Where: Mind Australia, Henley Beach Road, Mile End

Using a range of different mediums, participants are invited to produce art that amplifies and articulates their experiences and voices in context of their journey.

Price: FREE
October 1
Discover creative wellbeing
Where: Lefevre Community Stadium

Artist, Linda Bromley, a proud Yarluyandi Simpson Desert woman as she shows her latest artwork and shares her lived experience of Borderline Personality Disorder

Price: FREE
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