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Early Intervention for Borderline Personality Disorder

Early intervention is a priority for Borderline Personality Disorder. The sooner evidence-based treatments and personal supports are made available, the quicker individuals can equip themselves with appropriate coping strategies, and the sooner they can begin their path to recovery.

This webinar will explore the latest research and provide an overview of best practice in early intervention, and allow young people and family support workers, to share their perspectives on what’s required to better support people with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Panel: Professor Andrew Chanen (Head of Personality Disorder Research at Orygen)
Susan Preece (Family Peer Support Officer at Orygen)
Members of the Youth Participation Team at Orygen

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October 6
An overview of using Sensory Modulation for people with BPD
Where: Online via zoom

This webinar will provide an overview of using sensory modulation with people with borderline personality disorder and tailoring it to the person  to ensure the strategies are safe, appropriate, individualised and meaningful.

The presenters will highlight a number of key sensory modulation strategies they have found most useful and suggest additional resources and tools to assist with future implementation of sensory modulation into clinical practice.

Price: Free
October 6
Topic Tuesday: Flipping the script on BPD
Where: Online

Throughout the session, the facilitator will post questions for you to answer, usually asking for your own experience on the topic. To contribute to the event, just hit the 'reply' button and share your thoughts. No answers are right or wrong, and everyone is welcome to get involved!

Price: FREE
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