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Flipping the script

Changing the Narrative on BPD
We know that much of the (mostly) historical language contained in research and training concerning people living with BPD is stigmatising, discriminatory and inappropriate. Many people with BPD experience self-stigma which impacts upon the way they (and others) see them.

This year's campaign, 'Flipping the Script: Changing the Narrative on BPD' aims to change the way we think and talk about borderline personality disorder.

It encourages people living with BPD to be mindful of the way they think about themselves, allow others to see their challenges and their celebrations, move towards strengths-based self-talk and to celebrate their strengths.
This is important for our self-worth, helps us to understand our own and others behaviours and lead to sustainable wellness. We want to invest in stories of hope, triumph and recovery.

2020 events

Best Practice Deserved

2019 events

October 1
Opening Night with Anthony Bateman
October 1
Treatment Approaches for BPD
October 1
Sane Topic Tuesday // BPD Awareness
October 2
MIND BPD Families and Carers Support Group
October 2
BPD: Best Practice Deserved and Delivered
October 3
BPD Community Celebration
October 3
Mind BPD Morning Tea
October 4
Living Well with BPD
October 4
Learning More BPD for Families & Friends Workshop
October 5
BBQ/Picnic in the Park
October 6
Canberra Family Fun Day
October 6
ABC Radio National - All In The Mind
October 8
NSW Branch & MHPN BPDAW Event
October 9
Stigma Busting BPD with Research
November 7
Consumer, Family and Carer Day
November 14
9th Annual BPD Conference 2019
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