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Hear this year’s Ambassador, Prof. Michael Hazleton from the University of Newcastle and his message for this year's awareness week.

October 1
Opening Night with Anthony Bateman
Where: Adelaide, SA

Join us to celebrate Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Week. Professor Bateman from University College, London, and University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Price: FREE
October 1
Treatment Approaches for BPD
Where: Richmond, VIC

An evening for people with lived experience of BPD, their carers and those clinicians and others working with them towards recovery. Joanne Veltkamp, the senior clinician for consumer and carer services at Spectrum Personality Disorder Services, will facilitate a discussion on which treatments can work from her perspective and your experiences.

Price: FREE
October 1
Sane Topic Tuesday // BPD Awareness
Where: Online

An online forum to answer some of your questions about Borderline Personality Disorder.  Guest presenters from guest presenters are from Spectrum Personality Disorder Service (Vic)

October 2
MIND BPD Families and Carers Support Group
Where: Mind Thrive Centre, 8 Lulie Street Abbotsford, Victoria.

The BPD support group is for families and carers of people diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) or traits of BPD. These groups provide an opportunity for family members and carers to connect with those with similar experiences, gain strength, build resilience and hope, and receive support from each other and learn new ways of coping through each other’s experience. You can expect to be treated with care, consideration and dignity in an environment which is safe, private and comfortable. The group is not a therapy group although it may be therapeutic.

For more information contact the Mind Carer Helpline  1300 550 265

Price: FREE
October 2
BPD: Best Practice Deserved and Delivered
Where: Chermside, QLD

Join us for an event to promote BPD Awareness Week. Presentations will include research study outcomes, personal lived experiences of a DBT journey, ideas for future research and program implementation as well as skills training.

Price: FREE
October 3
BPD Community Celebration
Where: South Melbourne Community Centre, Cnr Park St & Ferrars Place, South Melbourne

Every year at this time we acknowledge the year’s successes and again we have a lot to acknowledge. We celebrate the improvements that have happened in the system over the year, we celebrate BPD Community’s work over the year and we celebrate the story of recovery.


RSVP (bookings essential): barb@bpdcommunity.com.au or call 0409 952 754

Price: FREE
October 3
Mind BPD Morning Tea
Where: Mile End, SA

Join us for a delicious morning tea event for BPD Awareness Week. We hare hosting a question and answer style sharing circle with a lived experience guest speaker. Let's come together to promote understanding, compassion and empathy for persons living with BPD.

Price: FREE
October 4
Living Well with BPD
Where: Adelaide, SA

A celebration for BPD Awareness week including fun, free activities, focusing on the strengths and wellbeing of people living with BPD.

Price: FREE
October 4
Learning More BPD for Families & Friends Workshop
Where: Traralgon, VIC

This workshop is an opportunity to learn more about Borderline Personality Disorder and explore how to best support the person with BPD whilst caring for yourself. The group will include a combination of education and practical approached to learning new skills as well as provide a safe environment to meet with other carers.

Price: FREE
October 5
BBQ/Picnic in the Park
Where: Burswood, WA

The Western Australian Branch of the Australian BPD Foundation invites you to come along and enjoy lunch with the sunshine!

Bring along a picnic or BBQ.

Price: FREE
October 6
Canberra Family Fun Day
Where: Belconnen, ACT

An opportunity for those with BPD and their families to have a fund day out and celebrate BPD Awareness Week. Food, drink and a fun activity are provided, we hope to see you there.

Price: FREE
October 6
ABC Radio National - All In The Mind
Where: Nationally

An exploration of all things mental, All in the Mind is about the brain and behaviour, and the fascinating connections between them.

Price: FREE
October 8
NSW Branch & MHPN BPDAW Event
Where: Sydney, NSW

A range of speakers, including consumers and carers, treating clinicians and researchers talking about Best Practice in the treatment of people living with BPD.

Price: FREE
October 9
Stigma Busting BPD with Research
Where: Bedford Park, SA

Share lunch with MC Professor Sharon Lawn and our panel of experts, including Lived Experience from Dayna Faraonio and Carer Liz Hodgman as well as Tracy Connerty, Daniel Ring and Jess Proctor as we bust the stigma of BPD with research and lived experience.

Price: FREE
November 7
Consumer, Family and Carer Day
Where: Wollongong, NSW

A collaboration between Project Air Strategy for Personality Disorders, New South Wales branch of the Australian BPD Foundation, Mental Health Carers NSW and Being | Mental Health and Wellbeing Consumer Advisory Group.

Price: $50
November 14
9th Annual BPD Conference 2019
Where: Melbourne, VIC

The theme for the 2019 conference is BPD: Best Practice Deserved and aims to highlight that BPD is no longer regarded as untreatable and that people with BPD (and their families) deserve equitable access to the treatment and support they need. Recovery is a reality for many.

Price: From $145
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