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Research has acknowledged that many people with lived experience of personality disorder use art to process the way they feel about the BPD diagnosis and the attached language around it - we know that it can affect how we see ourselves.

Lived Experience Advocate and Student Art Therapist Mahlie Jewell has designed a task called ‘flipping the script’ where participants take a negative (stigmatising) word used by medicalised models and turn it into a “reframed positive”. Through this they address external stigma and self-stigma.
We invite people with a lived experience of BPD to contribute to our Art against stigma gallery using the ‘flipping the script’ activity.

We remind participants to be mindful of distress and approach this task with positivity and hope. 

**Please note that 'flipping the script' activity is copywritten and remains the intellectual property of Mahlie Jewell. This activity is not appropriate to be conducted by any mental health professional or community leader in any way to facilitate an individual or group process without expressed permission. The practice of art techniques with vulnerable people is for registered and qualified ANZACATA therapists only**

You can submit your artwork and a short blurb here. 
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