About Us

We are a group of organizations, networks and people impacted by Borderline Personality Disorder who have joined together to form the BPD Collaboration Group through our shared commitment to increase awareness and understanding of BPD and to advocate for improved access to evidence based treatment and support for people with BPD and their families and carers.

The BPD Awareness Week Collaboration Group is comprised of:


Friends and Supporters:

Thank you to Mind Australia Ltd, Neami National, Project Air Strategy for Personality Disorders NSW and Spectrum Personality Service for Victoria for recognising the importance of spreading the word during National BPD Awareness Week 2017 by providing the financial support to make the PR campaign possible. This has enabled The PR Collaborative to develop our 2017 public relations campaign. This year we are reaching out to media across Australia to raise much needed awareness of Borderline Personality Disorder during National BPD Awareness Week  (1 – 7 October 2017).

When you hear a radio interview, read an online article or a story in your local newspaper or watch a television interview about Borderline Personality Disorder, its due to our amazing partners and their support for our public relations efforts.


Mind Australia    |   Project Air Strategy    |   Spectrum Personality Disorder Service for Victoria


Neami National              |   Australian BPD Foundation     |


Thank you for the wonderful support provided by our pro bono support SANE, NEA BPD and Titan Digital all of which have provided wonderful support. Thank you, Titan Digital for the development of the pro bono website, the 2016 campaign and the many updates for the 2017 awareness week. support.

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Thank you to Jumpclimb for great efforts in developing the 2017 BPD Awareness Week social media campaign.